I designed these pages and wrote many of the headlines. I believe designers should also be skilled headline writers, because a healthy marriage of powerful visuals and effective display type makes for more sophisticated pages.

I am a 15-time Society for News Design international contest winner, including a silver medal for presentation of special news topics.



Voter’s Guide

Published March 2010

I was tasked with designing the cover of the voter’s guide, left to come up with a cover concept on my own. I made a quick swing through the Library of Congress’ digital archives, found a patriotic engraving, colorized it in Photoshop and ran it as the dominant image. Editors talked about this one for days.

NFC Championship Game

Published January 2015

I designed and wrote the headline for this page, which was highlighted on ESPN’s SportsCenter:

The monks of St. Martin’s

Published April 2015

This is the cover of an eight-page special section I designed for a story about an order of monks that lives south of Tacoma.

Drive-Thru Nation

Published June 2001

The centerpiece story was about society’s increasing reliance on fast food. I conceptualized and executed the illustration using hamburger patties from Wendy’s, fries and tots from a local drive-in and two big bottles of ketchup. I also designed the page and wrote the headline.

Timber Payday

Published April 2008

I designed the page, wrote the centerpiece headline and conceptualized the illustration. With the assistance of a staff artist who added the cuts to the log using Photoshop, we collaborated to transform a stock image into a unique pie chart that could carry the page.

© 2017 Scott Stoddard

U.S. Open

Published June 2015

Our local links played host to one of professional golf’s four major championships. I designed the page, wrote the headline and collaborated with our photographers on scene to select the image that would best capture the sense of victory for our readers.

Remembering the Alamo

Published February and March 2011

At the Express-News in San Antonio, we crafted a 7-day series recounting the Battle of the Alamo for its 175th anniversary in 2011. We had a spadea wrap around the paper for six of those days, and I conceptualized the content on the spadea’s reverse each day, researched it, wrote it and designed it. Two of the six are shown here. The director of presentation explained the process of our coverage to one news blogger, and when it came to my work on the spadeas, he said: “Scott Stoddard ... that guy’s a beast.”

Desperate Signs

Published September 2005

The wire services were sending so many photos of hand-lettered signs made by the victims of Hurricane Katrina that we thought readers would find a page full of those images insightful. I designed the page and wrote the headline.